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Life takes over and the things we want to do get pushed to the side. Life Is short, and at VR motorsports for an hour out of your busy life, and from as little as $29, you can have a racing experience closer to the real thing than anything else you have ever tried.

Come dressed however you feel comfortable, and drive to our chilled-out venue with a full-service bar, located less than a minute off the gateway motorway. The venue is easy to get to from anywhere in South East Queensland.

We have 6 Full Motion Simulators capable of being linked together, so you can race your friends, family, work colleagues, or anyone else up for the challenge.

With over 450 Cars and over 150 tracks to choose from, with that list growing every month, we have something to suit all skill levels. If you’re not sure where to start, our friendly staff can recommend some of the favourites.

6 Actuators make the machine move in all directions a race car can move. They are so powerful and so fast they can move the machine in all directions and rotations up to 20 times a second, meaning you feel every bump, nudge, roll and detail captured on the track surface.

The laser scanned tracks we use are so accurate details smaller than a pebble are captured.

We have developed in house motion algorithms that manipulate gravity to trick your brain in to feeling the forces you would feel in a race car.


While the movement of the machines looks wild from the outside, the science and engineering that goes into these machines is next level smart, and when you’re in them it all makes sense.

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