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Welcome To VR Motorsports

Pro Simulation for the drivers


About VR Motorsports

VR Motorsports was developed for the drivers and for the motorsport community, a place everyone's welcome to come race, train, watch the latest F1 or V8 series, or hang out around like minded people

Our simulators are the best in the world for realism and immersion

We Cater for Corporate Events, Bucks Parties, Birthdays, Social Gatherings, Product Launches, Team Building, and anything else you would like to use our space for


Our Simulators

Our simulators are industry leading from top to bottom, if we couldn't find a component at the level of performance we were looking for we designed and manufactured it in house. All our software for motion is also developed in house, using Assetto Corsa as our main simulation program.   

It's hard to understand while watching the machines from the outside how the big movements turn into accurate feedback, but leave the science and engineering to us, when your in them it all makes sense. 

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